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The use of mushrooms in fine dining and home cooking is on the rise in the United States. Celebrity chefs on cooking shows are introducing Americans to the savory flavors of formerly exotic mushrooms. Other applications for mushrooms are still in their infancy in the United States; the pharmacological benefits of fungi are just now beginning to be recognized.


Finally, the massive environmental remediation industry  is searching for non-toxic, safe solutions to pollution clean-up. Anvil Farms has a solid foundation in the food market, with diverse new areas for mushroom usage including holistic health and environmental applications

Andy – Owner and Founder.

A passion for biology brought him into the aquarium industry where he created private label products for companies such as Petco, Petsmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s ranging from dechlorinators to remove toxic chlorine from tap water to nutritional additives to support beneficial bacterial growth in the aquarium. Additionally, he worked directly with the aquarists at public aquariums such as the Shedd Aquarium and the Georgia Aquarium from 2001 to 2018, and Andy helped develop a custom sea salt formula for Disney’s Epcot center for the first water change on their 5-million-gallon system in 30 years.


More relevant to his work at Anvil Farms, Andy became one of the leading experts on bacterial species that remove toxins from water. The process of culturing bacteria is very similar to the process of cultivating mushroom species in its initial stages.


Since leaving the aquarium/water treatment industries in 2018, Andy has immersed himself in mycology, the study of mushrooms. To that end he has completed the following training:


  • Myco Alliance (now the Central Texas Mycological Society) – with Daniel Reyes

    • Mycological laboratory work and procedures, December 2018

    • Mushroom cultivation, January 2019

  • MycoSymbiote with William Padilla-Brown

    • Cordyceps militaris cultivation seminar September 2018

  • Mossy Creek Mushroom telephone consultation with Andrew Reed, November 2018

    • Creating a for profit gourmet mushroom grow operation

    • Mushroom marketing and sales direct to consumer; direct to chef

    • Design of pasteurization and substrate bagging stations

    • Grow room design

  • Fungi Perfecti Gourmet and Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation Seminar with Paul Stamets, April 2019

    • Laboratory design, processes and sterile procedures (classroom and hands on training)

    • Incubation chamber design

    • Grow room design and layout, humidification, ventilation, light and temperature


Lori CrenshawSales Manager, Anvil Farms. Lori has over 25 years in upscale real estate sales. She oversaw all real estate investments and supervised property management for several top rated real estate firms in the Highland Park and North Texas areas from 2005 to 2009 when Forbes magazine listed these firms as being among the top 10 real estate groups in the DFW metroplex. Since the 2008 recession she has been involved in property management and personal training. 


Lori's interest in health and personal development spurred a career change towards healthy foods and natural healthy dietary changes which led her to mushroom cultivation. She is excited to have the role of sales manager for Anvil Farms as she enjoys fast-paced work involving long-term client relationships over one-time sales. The idea of being part of a multifaceted business directed into several distinct markets - food, healthcare and environmental restoration appeals to her active nature.



Mary Ann McCarty – MS in Accounting. Mary Ann is Andy’s life partner and contributes her accounting expertise to manage the books for Anvil Farms.


Ralph Van Blarcom – Former veterinary consultant for Wal-Mart nationwide on their aquarium section, now retired. With four decades of experience treating fish disease in aquaculture and the aquarium industry, his past work has focused on treating fish infected with parasitic fungi. His experience includes decades of laboratory culture of fungi – directly relevant to culturing closely related edible culinary and medicinal mushrooms.