Anvil Farms sees itself as a service company. First, we cultivate beautiful, delicious, healthy mushrooms and next our business model solves problems faced by consumers.

Chefs in Dallas cannot reliably source a variety of mushrooms.

Solution: Anvil Farms addresses that need.


Consumers have not been exposed to the benefits – nutritionally or health-wise – of mushrooms. Anvil Farms remedies that.


 Asian markets cannot supply their customers with the foods they are accustomed to.  Anvil Farms provides fresh crops.


Anvil Farms brings a level of professionalism into this industry. We stringently follow all precautions necessary to the pure, sanitary and guaranteed production of various mushroom species, including shoe covers, hair nets and gloves in the grow room. Once an employee enters the grow room and is exposed to mushroom spores from the mushrooms inside, that employee will not re-enter the laboratory until they have completed all steps required to prevent cross-contamination.


At the inception of Anvil Farms, the decision was made to go for an organic certification. Today, we still stand by that decision.